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Tim provides his clients with superannuation and retirement advice and specialises in Self Managed Super Fund advice.

He is the only planner in Australia to have been awarded both the the ‘SMSF Advisor of the Year’ by IFA Magazine (2014) and the ‘SMSF Best Practice Award’ by the SMSF Association (2013).

Tim is a SMSF Specialist Advisor™, the peak SMSF professional qualification.

According to Andrea Slattery, CEO of the SMSF Association:
“The SPAA Best Practice Award was presented to Tim Mackay, as a member of the SMSF Association, to celebrate and recognise your best practice advice in the SMSF industry both on a personal and professional level. You demonstrated the success of your SMSF advice, possessed the unique ability to share, inspire and extend best practices for other SMSF professionals”

According to Professor Gordon Cooper AM:
“Dear Tim, I was delighted to read in SMSF Advisor Magazine that you had been crowned ‘SMSF Advisor of the Year. It is thoroughly deserved. Moreover it is very pleasing to see the accolade going to a professional, principled advisor. Congratulations.”


Self Managed Super expert

As a Self Managed Super expert, Tim is Head of Strategy at Quantum Financial and works with a select group of successful pre-retirees and retirees looking to manage their family’s wealth and fund their dream retirement.

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Below Tim shares his views on Self Managed Super Funds and planning for your dream retirement.