Tim Mackay, The Independent Financial Planner, is a keen writer.
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The Independent Financial Advisor is a keen writer

/ How Tim writes Investing Insights

  • Read lots. Read some more. Have a coffee. Read just a bit more.
  • Summarise the key points and especially focus on the ones I don’t agree with. They make you think the most.
  • Throw them all up in the air. Go and have a coffee.
  • Come back and try to put all the issues in some sense of order.
  • Research driven financial advice is like a jigsaw – lay out the corners and outside edges (parameters) so we have some structure.
  • Do lots of analysis with numbers and tables. Then chuck most of it in the bin – no one likes to read boring stuff like that in any report. But I need to do it to make sure it all makes sense.
  • Time for another coffee yet?
  • Try to write our Investing Insights out in plain English (finance jargon will be the death of me).
  • I do my best to get our Investing Insights down in a conscious stream. Write and write and write.
  • I know that if I can’t explain our Investing Insights in a logical sequence it just won’t work.
  • If I can’t understand our Investing Insights then sure as hell no one else will be able to either.
  • If I don’t find our Investing Insights interesting them no one else will.
  • Go back re-read it and make sure it’s all internally consistent.
  • Get someone to proof read the hell out of it because it will be riddled with grammatical errors.
  • Try to make it look pretty with pictures. I like pretty pictures, they make me smile.


As a keen writer, Tim is Head of Strategy at Quantum Financial and works with a select group of successful pre-retirees and retirees looking to manage their family’s wealth and fund their dream retirement.

Tim Mackay, The Independent Financial Advisor, is a keen history buff.
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