Tim’s super power!

What I believe

I stand for what I believe

“People hire me for one specific reason: to provide independent financial advise they can trust. I have a skill in advising how to manage family wealth and to fund your dream retirement. My purpose is to give my clients certainty and to remove their worries. 

I see my role as a professional advisor is to put your interests ahead of mine; to tell the truth even if that is uncomfortable; to keep information about you confidential; to adhere to the highest ethical standards; and to provide trusted, independent financial advice.

A large part of my job is to explain complex finance issues to you in plain English. I read a lot. I enjoy finance. I write a lot. Writing about stuff helps me better understand and then I share it with my wonderful clients.”

Fun facts about Tim Mackay

Fun facts about Tim

“I love coffee, I have a dog named after Benji Marshall, I knew I wanted to work in finance at age 17, my favourite food is lasagne, I love history, I’ve worked for 3 investment banks in 3 countries, I’m good with numbers, I grew up by the beach in Dee Why; I own a Roman coin minted in 350AD; I’m terrified of heights, and I’ve travelled to 35 countries (so far)”

Scariest Moments Tim Mackay

Tim’s scariest moments

“I just hate heights. My wife thinks it’s hilarious but you can’t drag me near the edge of a building. Having said that, against every fibre in my being I forced myself to jump out of a perfectly good plane and out of a cable car in the Swiss alps.  Notch one up to the overwhelming strength of peer group pressure – my friends were with me in the plane and had leapt out of the cable car in Interlaaken when they were there.”

“Running madly through the streets of Pamplona with 6 of the largest bulls I have ever seen running right behind me was another particularly scary moment.  When you’re on a tour with your rugby team to Spain this sort of crazy thing somehow makes sense at the time.”

The Independent Financial Advisor
‘He does what it says on the label’