Investing Insights

I take great pride in sharing Quantum Financial’s Investing Insights with our wonderful clients. It is research that we dedicate enormous time and effort into and explains in plain English our current views on markets and investments. It is created entirely in-house by our expert financial planners at Quantum Financial.

In July 2016 we published and shared with our clients the 10th edition of Investing Insights. If you’d like a copy, contact my team today.  To better understand the quality of our Investing Insights, read what our clients and friends of Quantum Financial have to say below.

“I have to say I learnt more from your report than from the news in the past year! I read half and then took a break and read the rest… it’s pretty interesting! Which is a huge compliment coming from someone that can’t pay attention to anything for more than 5 seconds”

“Congratulations on a great report that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I was impressed with the level of information which showed a comprehensive picture of ones portfolios and the various transactions that will greatly assist in our deliberations and future decision making.”

“Investing Insights arrived today and I have read it from cover to cover. Great job, it’s informative, authoritative and not boring ! We are really looking forward to our portfolio review. It’s great that we can go through each of them with you to understand their performance since we first invested and make appropriate decisions.”

“Thanks for sending me this. I have just finished reading it and found it really interesting. More importantly I learned a lot.”

“Love this am very impressed, I knew you were smart but geez you are kicking goals! Very proud, well done!”

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading the January 2015 issue of your Investing Insights. Thank you!”

“Thanks, that’s really good. Very well presented and I especially like your “bold predictions.”

“It’s a great newsletter and I’m very pleased to receive it.”

“I think it’s fantastic. I love your approach to writing about finance topics”

“Thanks for sharing the investing insight. A good piece that covers different assets and markets.”

“I have just read the report – fantastic! Love the variety. This year was clearly a big year for you guys, best wishes for next year!”

“How do you guys find time to do all of this stuff? Seriously, thanks for the interesting report.”

“I found it very interesting and very easy to understand. My only complaint is your attempt to do me out of a job by advising your clients to block out the financial media!!!”

“Thank your for sending your recent report. It’s great for helping me to better understand how portfolio and my investments. Keep up the good work”

“This is an excellent and unique document. You’ve obviously put a lot of effort into its preparation. I do appreciate your sending it to me.”

“Hey love this is cool, can I send it to my mum?”

“A great read. Keep ‘em coming.”

“I loved the articles…well done”

“I love your ‘Investing Insights’ because it is so engaging, fun and full of interesting facts, not necessarily related to financial issues. Indeed, it puts it all in perspective and suggests to me at least not to take it all too seriously, as long as things are bubbling along OK.”

“For a tough gig, I think you have a pretty good balance for the newsletter. It’s really important to reach out and attempt to engage with your clients, and in finance, that’s always a hard ask because much of what we have to say is so arcane, or conjecture, and it’s often just downright boring.”

“The light touch is good, because the tone of the newsletter (seemingly) doesn’t take itself too seriously, and any attempt to be a weighty tome of erudite words that would rank up there with the 10 Commandments, would be just wrong.”

“I like the different tones and levels of analysis in your piece, and equally not taking yourself too seriously in the text”

“Great to hear from you as always. You’re content marketing is so good. How lucky you are to be good with both numbers and words.”

“Very professional, it looks good. I’m not much for the forecasting bits (as you know!) but I like the fun tone – it will help clients get through the very dry subject of investing!”

“Looks like plenty of work went into it and good mix of brevity and useful info. I’m rapt with getting something like this a couple of times a year.”

“Thanks for this I always find your reports interesting…especially the sporting commentary.”

“Congratulations on all your achievements. That doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work.”

“Read the report – good stuff!”

“Always enjoy these, so thank you for sending”

“Very good – always like sporting analogies”

“Welcome back – clearly you have had no rest at all and continue to shame us with your enthusiasm”

“How do you find time for everything you do? I suspect sleep suffers sometimes and maybe your health???”

“Enjoyed it!. Thanks, a great read.”