Solve client problems

Solve client problems

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My clients are incredibly successful in their own professional lives and so demand tailored advice that solves their own financial problems or issues. Truly, every single one of my clients’ situations is different and that requires the skills of a good problem solver.

To solve client problems, my approach is simple:

  • Let’s throw all the facts and figures out on the table so we know exactly who is who in the zoo
  •  Like a jigsaw, we turn all the pieces up and try and work out the edges or parameters that we need to work within.
  • Once we know where we are at today, we work together to agree where we want to get to.
  • Once we know our starting point and our end point, I use my financial knowledge and experience to work out a strategic plan on how we best get from Point A to Point B.
  • We use our methodical and analytical process to optimise your family’s finances.
  • Hopefully I can make it fun too. If we’re are going to work closely together and trust each other, then we may as well enjoy the process as well!


As an experienced financial planner, Tim is Head of Strategy at Quantum Financial and works with a select group of successful pre-retirees and retirees looking to manage their family’s wealth and fund their dream retirement.

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