Take away finance worries

Take away finance worries 

/ Worry so you don’t have to

I spend a lot of time worrying about my clients’ finances so they don’t have to. I keenly watch the Australian market, global markets and geo-politics. Given my investment banking experience on Wall Street and in London, I know that my clients will have concerns about their investments.

I’m there for my clients to talk to when they want advice, a second opinion or if they are worried. You pay me to take the financial burden off your shoulders so you can get on doing the things you are good at and enjoy.


As an experienced financial planner, Tim is Head of Strategy at Quantum Financial and works with a select group of successful pre-retirees and retirees looking to manage their family’s wealth and fund their dream retirement.

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Tim Mackay, The Independent Financial Planner, is a keen writer.
Tim Mackay, The Independent Financial Advisor, is a keen history buff.

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