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My professional video shoot with Samsung

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Quantum Financial has long been regarded as a pioneer in technology in financial planning.We have been early adopters of cutting edge financial planning software and services; early users of social media and keen advocates for the benefits of investing in technology.

In 2017 Samsung selected a number of tech savvy industry leaders from a number of different industries to talk about the benefits of technology and mobility to accompany the launch of their new Samsung S8 smartphone.

Stepping out of my comfort zone, I chose to work with Samsung on this exciting new project as the representative for the financial advising profession. 


The videos were shot in a professional production studio over half a day and it was a surreal experience. I had my own professional makeup artist who had recently been the makeup artist on the Chanel 9 TV series, Love Child. I must say it’s a very odd experience for a fella to have full makeup applied for the first time in his life.

While I’ve been interviewed on TV a fair number of times, this was my first professional video shoot with a full production team. What goes on behind the camera is amazing – there is incredible effort involved in managing lighting, audio, angle of cameras and every other detail down to the dangling threads and tie selection.

While the end result videos appear seamless, I found myself tongue tied or making basic mistakes multiple times. You truly can start to feel like a bit of a dill as everyone around you is working hard and you’re the only one who keeps stuffing their work up.

All in all shooting these videos was a great experience and I have a new found respect for the production values that goes into shooting commercial videos. The post production team failed to deliver on two of my requests (‘Please make me look like I have longer and thicker hair and make me better looking’) but it was a completely fun and interesting experience.

Disclosure: I was paid by Samsung to create the videos but the views I offered were my own.

Samsung Video Shoot Tim Mackay

Professional video shoot with Samsung

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