If you are seeking the services of a trusted Roseville financial planner, then you have come to the right place.

Initially established in Gordon in 1994 before moving our head office to Chatswood in 2000, Quantum Financial has been serving our wonderful loyal clients in the local North Shore community for over 22 years.

We absolutely love the diversity, environment and rich history of our local North Shore community.

Did you know?

One prominent early settler in the Roseville area was David Mathew who called his property Clanville (hence Clanville Road). Another was Richard Archbold (hence Archbold Road) who later bought Clanville from Mathew. Once he sold up, Mathew moved north and established a new estate which he called Rosedale (the original name for St Ives and that’s why Rosedale Road goes to St Ives).

Archbold’s son-in-law built a stone cottage which he called “Rose Villa” and that’s where Roseville gets its lovely name from!

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