If you are seeking the services of a trusted Gordon financial planner, then you have come to the right place.

Initially established in Gordon in 1994 before moving our head office to Chatswood in 2000, Quantum Financial has been serving our wonderful loyal clients in the local North Shore community for over 22 years.

We absolutely love the diversity, environment and rich history of our local North Shore community.

Did you know?

The name ‘Gordon’ was given to the area then covering most of the upper North Shore.  It was named by NSW Surveyor-General Sir Thomas Mitchell (the Mitchell Highway is named after him). He named it after the surname of Sir Willoughby Gordon (Mitchell also named Willoughby after his first name), the quartermaster-general in England when the First Fleet sailed for Botany Bay.

Gordon was originally known as Lane Cove (that’s why Lane Cove Road goes to Gordon) but it was renamed after the local Gordondale estate of Robert McIntosh in 1879. McIntosh Road in Gordon is named after him.

Te Pacific Highway was orginally known as Gordon Road, because it went to Gordon and in 1816 Governor Macquarie ordered the public school be established at Gordon.

Gordon had it’s own gang of bushrangers! Geary’s Gang of bushrangers was based in a cave in the dense bush and caves in the valley which bisects Gordon and East Gordon, now called Gordon Creek.

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