If you are seeking the services of a trusted Lindfield financial planner, then you have come to the right place.

Initially established in Gordon in 1994 before moving our head office to Chatswood in 2000, Quantum Financial has been serving our wonderful loyal clients in the local North Shore community for over 22 years.

We absolutely love the diversity, environment and rich history of our local North Shore community.

Did you know?

Lindfield was first established near Lady Game Drive and Fiddens Wharf Road by early settlers. They established a saw mill near the Lane Cove River as it was the main way colonists traveled to the area. In the early days, most roads that were built in Lindfield provided access to the Lane Cove River.

In 1884 Francis List built a cottage and named it after the town in Sussex from where he came, Lindfield. When the railway was built through the area in the 1890s, his cottage gave its name both to the station and the local area.

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