Tim Mackay The Independent Financial Advisor

Tim Mackay

Hi, my name is Tim Mackay and welcome to my website. 

I work with a select group of successful pre-retirees and retirees looking to manage their family’s wealth and fund their dream retirement.

Senior professionals and successful business owners who have concerns managing their family’s wealth seek financial peace of mind. They want certainty that they are making informed financial decisions.

I work with my clients to take away their concerns over their investment decisions, asset allocation, reducing taxes, and ensuring they will have enough to support their dream lifestyle through retirement.

Below are the type of clients whose problems I solve.  Is this you?

Pre retiree clients

Transitioning to retirement

Turbo charger clients

Turbo chargers

Investing in turbulent times

These are the types of problems I solve for my clients:

  • Asset structuring to protect your assets and reduce your tax
  • Multi-million dollar portfolio construction with a focus on asset allocation, capital preservation and income
  • Managing family wealth so you can leave a legacy for your family and your community
  • How can a doctor best protect themselves and grow their wealth

  • How to optimise your Self Managed Super Fund to fund your dream retirement
  • How to use the latest Investing Insights to manage your portfolio
  • How to effectively manage the transfer of significant wealth to the next generation
  • Peace of mind that you have enough money to fund your dream retirement

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