Losing a loved one or divorce

Losing a loved one or divorce

The death of a loved one or a divorce are both traumatic experiences that can shake you to your core. When we lose someone close to us, we’re really never prepared emotionally. At the same time you grieve and deal with the pain, you are faced with a bewildering array of important financial decisions. 

We have worked with a number of our clients through these difficult times to help them take back control of their family’s financial future confidently.

  • We encourage you take a pause and give yourself time to think. We ensure you don’t do anything until you’ve had a chance to process the situation and then together we think things through clearly.
  • YoU may wish to consider whether to retain or sell the family home. we work out what is best for you financially.  
  • You may be facing complicated superannuation decisions across multiple super funds and a Self Managed Super Fund. We are recognised experts in this area and we help our clients successfully navigate these minefields. 
  • You may be left with complex legal structures (trusts, companies, etc) that you don’t know what to do with. We analyse your situation and give you the best possible financial advice. 
  • We partner with clients for the long term. We are truly independent and our advisors own the business and so aren’t going to be promoted and won’t be moving on. We will be there for you, hand in hand, as we help you get your family’s finances back on track. 

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