Welcome to our Investing Insights Report special 2016 Federal Budget edition.
We share this Report and our detailed analysis with clients and friends of Quantum Financial so you have a better understanding of the significant changes to superannuation arising out of Budget 2016.

We have long argued that the current superannuation rules were as good as they were ever going to be and so change was inevitable. However, the changes are perhaps worse than what we had feared and in many ways represent more of a Labor approach than a Liberal/National Party approach to super. It will be interesting to see how Labor responds to the super changes.

In summary, we view the super changes in this Budget as what the English call “a curate’s egg” – mostly bad for our clients with some good parts.

We believe the Budget changes will affect many of our clients. We have summarised in this report what you need to know now and we will communicate with clients affected in the coming days and weeks.

You can access the Budget Survival Guide here in Acrobat (PDF) format (filesize 1mb).

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