“What really struck me was the process, the method and their communication”

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“We were looking for truly independent financial advice”

Lucy and Steve, Australian Defence Force

“A short while ago we came back to Sydney from overseas as I wanted to resign from the ADF (Australian Defence Force).

We were looking for truly independent financial advice, and I’d heard about Tim and Claire McKay of Quantum Financial via an acquaintance in the ADF.

I knew we needed specialist advice and knowledge.  I’m an army guy not a finance guy. I know a bit about this stuff, but I probably only know about 1% of what Tim and Claire know.

What really struck me about Tim and Claire was the process, the method and their communication.

They were able to pick up pretty quickly where we were at. I’m particularly impressed with how much knowledge both of them had in regards to ADF specific circumstances and issues. They would have had to do a fair bit of research in preparation for our meeting.

We both felt very comfortable and were given excellent advice.

The advice we received was professional and well founded which was particularly important because we needed to make some key decisions. We certainly got the advice we were after and are now able to make more informed decisions moving forward.

We were charged for the advice and it was definitely worth the investment.  We absolutely got value for money.  

The aim of the meeting was to get specific advice for a specific situation, and I would have been suspicious if there had been no charge.

We’re planning to engage Tim and Claire for the more advice and probably engage them for ongoing advice, given that the first hurdles are behind us.”

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