Estate planning and inheriting money

Estate planning and inheriting money

For many of our clients, estate planning and managing the responsibility of an inheritance is a key worry. With family wealth comes great responsibility. 

For some clients, passing on significant family wealth in the most tax effective manner to the next generation is an important goal. they want to ensure their children are left in the very best financial position possible and that their family wealth is protected. 

  • You may be on top of your family’s finances but you seek a trusted advisor who will look after your spouse and family should something happen to you. 
  • We review all your estate planning arrangements across your personal assets, your trusts, companies, Self Managed Super and any other vehicles. 
  • We help our clients raise responsible children of wealth. As part of your service, we also provide financial advice to your children should you wish. At all times we keep all your personal finances separate and confidential, unless you instruct us otherwise. 
  • You may have concerns about your children. What if the children know about the family wealth, will they continue to work as hard? Are they old enough to understand and maintain a proper mindset about their wealth? Will they keep the family’s finances confidential?As you get older, if and when you think the time is appropriate, we will help introduce your children to help managing your family’s wealth. 
  • You will have peace of mind that your wealth be passed onto your family in the most tax efficient way

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