The right advisor for the right clients

I am very open and upfront about the fact that I won’t accept everyone that approaches us as an ongoing client and we have a very honest conversation when it comes to making that decision. 

That conversation involves answering three pivotal questions and encouraging the prospective client to make the same considerations

  1. Can I provide the services the client needs and wants?
  2. Can I add more value than the cost of the advice?
  3. And, will the client and I enjoy working together?

I encourage potential clients to ask themselves to the very same questions. If I can answer all three questions positively, then I will offer that client a service agreement. If not, I will politely say no and then openly and honestly advise them on their best course of action from there. 

At Quantum Financial we have spent a lot of time building a business with the right client fit to ensure their our clients are not only successful but also become our greatest advocates.

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Alan Kohler on Quantum Financial's Tim Mackay and Claire Mackay
Adele Ferguson on Quantum Financial's Tim Mackay and Claire Mackay
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The cost of your initial meeting

When you initially make contact (usually by telephone or email), my team will you ask a number of questions to determine what services you seek. They will then send you an initial questionnaire which we ask you to complete and return to us. Once this is received, we can assess whether we provide the services you seek and whether we can add more value to your situation than the fees we will charge you. 

Only then will we offer you an initial meeting. The cost of your initial meeting is $550.

I only offer initial meetings to potential clients where I believe that our discussion will add more value than the cost.

You may think an initial meeting fee is unusual for financial planners, however the best financial planners in the country have a similar approach.

I  adopt the same approach as our lawyer and specialist medical clients (cardiologists, oncologists, etc) and issue you an invoice for your personalised, initial professional consultation.

If I believe that you do not need to take our ongoing services, I will tell you that in our meeting. We are upfront and honest with all potential clients. In that case, I will give you general advice and you will leave our meeting in a better position. You will have clarity and confidence on the financial steps you should be taking.  

I have to be 100%  confident with all new ongoing clients that value I will add in your situation is greater than the cost I will charge you. 


The cost of your ongoing advice service

After your initial meeting, we will undertake a highly structured process in which we assess your personal circumstances, the complexity of your situation, our assessment of our professional time and any additional risk factors.

I will then provide you with a completely transparent fixed cost in your Service Agreement. You will know to the dollar how much you will pay before you commit to anything.

Quantum Financial’s minimum annual cost for a basic client situation is $10,000. Your tailored cost will be calculated based on your circumstances. This one agreed, fixed cost is the only money Quantum Financial receives for providing your services – there are no hidden fees. 

We know that Quantum Financial are not the cheapest financial planners in the market and we never will be. For those clients we choose to partner with, we know that we will add more value to your situation than what you will pay.

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Adele Ferguson on Quantum Financial's Tim Mackay and Claire Mackay
Alan Kohler on Quantum Financial's Tim Mackay and Claire Mackay

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