I serve many wonderful clients living in the Eastern Suburbs who choose to travel to Chatswood to engage our expert financial planning services.

We absolutely love the diversity, environment and rich history of our local Sydney community.

Did you know?

The first employee of the Bank Of NSW (now Westpac) was an accountant by the name of Joseph Potts. He bought 64 acres of land on what was known as Paddy’s Point and renamed it after himself – Potts Point.

An Irishman named Henry Browne Hayes was transported to NSW for kidnapping the granddaughter of a wealthy Irish banker and trying to force her into marriage. After arriving in NSW he purchased a property near the city and named it Vaucluse House. He took this name from a poem by the 14th century poet, Petrarch titled ‘Fontaine de Vaucluse’. Later the suburb Vaucluse was named after Hayes’ house.

In 1792 an English ensign named John Piper arrived in NSW briefly before being promptly shipped off to Norfolk Island because of a scandalous love affair. He made his way up the naval chain of command in NSW until he was responsible for collecting customs, excises on spirits and harbour dues. It was incredibly lucrative personally and with his new found wealth he bought Vaucluse House and rose to Chairman of the Bank of NSW (now Westpac). He went on to lose it all through mis-management but not before he named his land on Point Piper after himself.

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